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About Changde Vocational and Technical College

Situated in Changde, an exemplary city among China’s middle-sized cities with a reputation of “a city in Shangri-La”, Changde Vocational and Technical College covers an area of 713,333 square meters, with an overall floorage of 334,100 square meters.

The college mainly focuses on higher vocational education and has under it 8 departments (namely, departments of nursing, medicine, pharmacy, mechanical and electrical engineering, economic management, civil engineering, bioengineering, automotive engineering, and common courses, an subordinate school of continuing education, a judicial appraisal centre, two affiliated hospitals and an educational foundation. Among its 25 specialties, medicine, manufacture and agriculture and farming are the three key projects for professional construction with nursing, pharmacy, clinical medicine, auto repair and maintenance, construction technology and horticulture being the key construction specialties. The college also takes the lead in developing the question bank and assessment criteria of selective skill examination for vocational students majoring in pharmacy in Hunan Province. In 2012, its pharmacy specialty was granted the exemplary construction project with in Hunan province and its nursing specialty was rated among the best in the province with vocational features.

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